Interview: Chris Gehringer

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Interview: A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse Into Music Making With Mastering Engineer Chris Gehringer



The best way to learn music production and engineering is to apprentice at the feet of the folks who are at the top of the record making business. However, sometimes it’s hard to gain access to those individuals and their wonderful insights. Over on the Atlantic Records website, I started a series to help aspiring producers and engineers learn from the best! These interviews with award-winning “masters of the mix” are full of insightful technical tips, career advice and much much more. In this new era where many of us are “mentored by Wikipedia,” I hope this series helps to demystify the production process and answers many of the questions we all have concerning professional growth and development.

This interview features esteemed mastering engineer Chris Gehringer of Sterling Sound audio mastering studio in New York City. Gehringer has been a highly regarded force in the mastering world for nearly three decades, having engineered hits for everyone from Jason Mraz to Icona Pop! Check out the excerpt below!!



To read the full article, visit the link here to head over to the Atlantic Records website! Learn, share and be inspired!

Hope it is helpful!! Now, go forth and create some great music!
Ebonie Smith, Gender Amplified Founder