Female Frequency Collective Feature All-Women Production Team on Forthcoming EP!

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According to its website, “Female Frequency is a collective dedicated to empowering women & girls through the creation of music that is entirely female generated.” The organization’s website features images of many women in music production and engineering to emphasize the importance of having women present at every stage of the technical process.

In addition to promoting women who are doing great things in the world of music production, this group is actively creating and curating original music written, produced, engineered and mastered exclusively by women. Gender Amplified totally supports the efforts of this group, and thus, is proud to announce support for its upcoming EP Female Frequency: Volume 1!

Female Frequency

Female Frequency: Volume 1 was created entirely by women, start to finish. All writing, instrumentation, arrangement, performance, production, engineering, mixing, mastering, marketing and visual media was performed by women musicians and engineers from Boston, New York and LA. The project can be pre-ordered here. Support and share!



Filmmaker, Illustrator Luna Adler Profiles Gender Amplified Movement in Animate Video

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Filmmaker, illustrator and recent Barnard College graduate Luna Adler explores three spaces run by professional women: These spaces are special because they exist to solve problems created by gender inequity. In this multi-media video collage, Gender Amplified founder Ebonie Smith speaks about the ways Gender Amplified is re-imagining studios as women-defined spaces. She shares her work to make the music production industry safer and more welcoming for young women.

Luna Adler

About Luna!

“Luna Adler is a filmmaker, illustrator, and writer, whose work centers around the topics of social justice and feminism. In 2014, she traveled extensively throughout Nepal, India, and Bhutan, researching ancient Tibetan childbirth practices and the ways they have been transformed by life in exile. Luna graduated from Barnard College with a degree in anthropology in 2015, and was a recipient of the Howard M. Teichmann Writing Prize. She now lives in Brooklyn where she can generally be found drawing woodland creatures, listening to political podcasts, and rollerblading.” – LunaAdler.com


Gender Amplified Receives 2016 Awesome Grant Award

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Gender Amplified Receives Awesome Grant

In January of 2016, Gender Amplified received a grant from the Awesome Foundation’s New York chapter to support work we’re doing in our community. Read the full announcement to learn more about the award and the foundation.

According to its website, The Awesome Foundation is a “global community advancing the interest of awesome in the universe, $1000 at a time. Each fully autonomous chapter supports awesome projects through micro-grants, usually given out monthly. These micro-grants, $1000 or the local equivalent, come out of pockets of the chapter’s “trustees” and are given on a no-strings-attached basis to people and groups working on awesome projects.”

Gender Amplified is proud to be recognized by this community of givers. The award meant a great deal to our board of directors and our investors, but it will mean that much more to all the girls and women who benefit from our mentorship programs, community events and ongoing support.

Producer Spotlight: TokiMonsta = Dopeness

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Los Angeles native, TOKiMONSTA (Jennifer Lee) is known for her unique take on indie electronic/r&b/dance music. Her classical upbringing and eclectic music taste has allowed her to create vast textural soundscapes—a reverberation that fuses vintage sensibilities with progressive inclinations.


Her music has been recognized and praised by the very best in tastemaker and mainstream media. TOKiMONSTA has been featured on various large-scale radio programs such as: BBC Radio1 (UK), NPR (USA), BBC World Service (UK), J Wave (JP), Studio Brussels (BE), Radio Nova (FR), KCRW (LA) to name a few. Subsequently, DJ Mag, Pitchfork, The Guardian, XLR8R, Paper, LA Times, Dazed and Confused, SPIN, Wax Poetics, MTV, VIBE, Billboard, Rolling Stone, Sound and Recording and more have covered her. LA Weekly ranked her as 2010’s #1 female DJ in Los Angeles. Additionally, Resident Adviser did a full feature on her for their “Breaking Through,” an RA series, which focuses on the next big artist.


Not only has she caught ears of many as a different dimension of Los Angeles-based music, TOKiMONSTA is notably the first female to join Flying Lotus’ crew/label BRAINFEEDER, which is on the forefront of LA music scene.

TOKiMONSTA tours the world regularly as a live performer. Her performance is engaging as well as intricate—using new technology with pieces of musical and multimedia gear. She participated in the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in London in 2010. In the summer of 2012, she was apart of the Full Flex Express tour, the first electronic music themed train tour that traveled across Canada with Skrillex, Diplo, Pretty Lights, and Grimes. She performed on the very first SS Coachella, which is Golden Voices’ first ocean cruise festival. Some notable past performances were at Coachella, Sonar Barcelona, DEMF, WMC, Electric Zoo, SxSW, Camp Bisco, Decibel Festival, with more scheduled in the future.

You can check out more of her music at soundcloud.com/tokimonsta!

Alicia Keys Creates Tracks Live On Stage at BET Awards

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Feature Image_alicia-keys-bet-awards-2016


Alicia Keys took the stage to perform one of her new hit “In Common” at the 2016 BET Awards held at the Microsoft Theater on Sunday, June 26th in Los Angeles. For years, the 35­-year­-old entertainer and performer has dazzled fans with her electrifying stage show, but this time things were a little different.

Surrounded by numerous synthesizers and electronic beat machines, Keys simultaneously synthesized her track and sang right in front of the audience. The performance perfectly blended live beatmaking with acoustic guitar playing. Check out the full recap below on BET.com.

BET Awards: Alicia Keys Just Slayed Her Performance of ‘In Common’

Alicia Keys has always been a supporter of women in production and engineering. Ann Mincieli, Keys’ longtime sound engineer, is the owner of Jungle City Studios in New York City.

On the RISE: Producer Stoni Profiled by ROLI

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In a piece entitled “On the RISE: Music is life – Stoni,” ROLI recently profiled Gender Amplified Alumna Stoni demonstrating the new Seaboard RISE musical instrument. ROLI is a design­-led technology start ­up expanding the bandwidth of interaction between people and technology. Read an excerpt from the article below:

“There’s no stage in your life that doesn’t have a song you can reference,” says Stoni, the New York­ based producer and DJ known for her hard ­driving hip­-hop beats. “Like when you graduate from high school, you’re listening to something, and every time you hear that song later you think ‘Ahhh!’ And you get to recapture that feeling, and it makes you feel great.” READ MORE

Stoni is always on the move helping to bridge the gap between the technology of today and pop culture. She has consulted some of the hottest music producers over her career, which spans several decades.

Our previous Producer Profile with Stoni in 2014 also highlights other areas of her work. She is a trailblazer, and her reign as an accomplished master of music technology is just beginning!

Producer Profile Interview: Stoni



Artist Spotlight: Gender Amplified Alumna Genesis Be Breaks Barriers on Stage and at U.S. Capitol

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Gender Amplified alumna Genesis Be, who was a performer at our 2013 music festival, recently shocked the world with her performance at S.O.B’s in NYC. In protest of Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant’s proclamation of April as Confederate Heritage Month, Be draped her body in the Confederate battle flag and hung a noose around her neck during her groundbreaking performance. The event was covered by Billboard Magazine. A link to the full interview is below.

Rapper Genesis Be Debuts ‘My GCK,’ Talks Confederate Flag Protest & Mississippi Pride: Exclusive Premiere

As a music producer, Genesis has a long history of using her art as a means of bringing forth social change. In response to her convictions, a number of news outlets have given Genesis a platform to further explain her mission to have the state of Mississippi officially retire the use of the Confederate battle flag in the design of the federally recognized state flag.


Genesis Be has something special. She is an artist of the future who has a politically charged message that aligns well with the social climate of today.

Gender Amplified – as a music platform – supports artists like Genesis Be, who use their work to inspire change in our world. Be is on her way, and our organization has been supporting her since the very beginning.


Producers on the Rise: Pharrell Co-signs Maggie Rogers

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Pharrell Williams stopped by New York University’s Clive Davis Institute for a sitdown with students and legendary engineer Bob Power. What happened was nothing short of magical. Check out the interplay between Williams and emerging producer Maggie Rogers in this amazing studio interview!    

Maggie Rogers is a star on the rise. It may seem like she’s an overnight success, but she’s taken the time to cultivate a unique sound. You can listen to more of Maggie’s music at listentomaggie.com!

Gender Amplified Founder Ebonie Smith Talks STEM, Music and Gender at Spotify

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On April 2nd, Gender Amplified founder Ebonie Smith stopped by the Spotify headquarters to discuss Gender Amplified and perform new music.

The event, entitled “Hip Hop Hacks,” was sponsored by Monthly Music Hackathon NYC. The Music Hackathon is a monthly all-day event for musicians and engineers to create new music-related projects from scratch, develop them throughout 10 hours, then perform or present them in a concert in the evening.

On Saturday, April 30th, Gender Amplified returned to Monthly Music Hackathon for a special event entitled “Gender in Music Hackathon”. Ebonie Smith presented a lecture entitled “STEM Learning: Dissecting the Music Track” for a group of amazing workshop attendees.

Visit monthlymusichackathon.org to learn more about upcoming events.

Remembering Miriam Bienstock

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Miriam Bienstock


On January 13, 1958, Billboard Magazine printed an article with the title “Atlantic’s ‘Money Man’ Is A Woman.” The journalist was referring to the legendary Miriam Bienstock, co-founder of Atlantic Records and key label executive from the years of 1947-1964.

In the wake of her passing on March 21, 2015, we take pause to pay tribute to a woman whose business acumen and musical sensibilities helped to shape the record industry of yesterday and today. Her genius was unparalleled as she soared in the professional world during a time when women were denied so many basic civil liberties and social equalities. Her legacy will never be forgotten. May her contributions never be erased from our collective memories. Click here to learn more about her life and impact!

Event Recap – Apollo Beat Production Workshop – March 23

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Yesterday Gender Amplified hosted a music production at the legendary Apollo Theatre in Harlem. Entitled “Engineering Culture Through Beat Production”, the workshop was organized in collaboration with the Apollo Theater Academy, an initiative that fosters leadership and professional development in the arts through seminars, workshops, panels and internships. Check out some of the positive feedback on socials!




 Ever wonder how your favorite songs are made? Ever wonder what happens between the time it takes your favorite artist to record a song and the time it plays on your radio? The workshop took a look at some of the technical tricks, tools and ideas that contribute to the beat making and music production process. This session also reviewed how cultural and social ideas are embedded in music through technical means.

The event proceeded a wonderful panel called Behind the Scenes: Women in Hip Hop. Often overshadowed by their male counterparts, the panel focused on celebrating women who have played a pivotal role in establishing Hip Hop as a genre in the world of arts and entertainment. This panel looked at various careers paths taken by women who define their work under the Hip Hop genre. Panelists included:




Interview: Ted Jensen

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Interview: A Behind-the-Scenes Glimpse Into Music Making With Mastering Engineer Ted Jensen



The best way to learn music production and engineering is to apprentice at the feet of the folks who are at the top of the record making business. However, sometimes it’s hard to gain access to those individuals and their wonderful insights. Over on the Atlantic Records website, I started a series to help aspiring producers and engineers learn from the best! These interviews with award-winning “masters of the mix” are full of insightful technical tips, career advice and much much more. In this new era where many of us are “mentored by Wikipedia,” I hope this series helps to demystify the production process and answers many of the questions we all have concerning professional growth and development.

This interview features chief mastering engineer Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound audio mastering studio in New York City. From anecdotes about working with Mick Jagger to his involvement with creating new standards for music on iTunes, our conversation was full of awesome and insightful information. Check out the excerpt below!!



To read the full article, visit the link here to head over to the Atlantic Records website! Learn, share and be inspired!

Hope it is helpful!! Now, go forth and create some great music!
Ebonie Smith, Gender Amplified Founder